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We believe that focus is the foundation of efficiency.

Working life is undergoing profound change, and skills such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence are becoming ever more central for both productivity, success and general wellbeing. At the same time, technology and modern society creates many distractions and our attention is ever more split. Finding sustainable focus is hard in our hectic everyday lives. Brainy teaches individuals and organizations practical tools for navigating chaos and finding focus.


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“As a restless CEO in an intensely growing international company I found Brainy’s coaching services to be extremely valuable.”

-Roleff Kråkström, CEO, Moomin Characters Ltd.


What we do

Brainy develops services that help organizations and individuals develop focus through practical tools based in modern neuroscience theory. We work on every level of the organization, from training individual leaders to team programs in self-leadership and sustainable work routines. To accomplish this, our team of facilitators has access to a network of experienced business leaders, neuroscientists and psychologists.

Creating a culture that strengthens focus and creativity not only leads to efficiency, wellbeing and high performance, it also leads to a relaxed and motivating environment that makes a company an attractive employer and strengthens results.

“I estimate that my personal productivity increased by 20% after applying the advice just from the first session”

-Fredrik Sellgren, CEO, Sellbranch/Twitter Nordics