Brainy develops services that help organizations and individuals develop focus through practical tools based in modern neuroscientific theory. We work on every level of the organization, from training individual leaders to team programs in self-leadership and sustainable work routines. To accomplish this, our team of facilitators has access to a network of experienced business leaders, neuroscientists and psychologists.

Tools For Self-Leadership

In our introductory program “Tools for Self-Leadership” we teach theory, exercises and practical tools to improve routines for better focus, creativity and stress management. Read more

Self-Leadership for Leaders

Brainy provides coaching and strategic management advice for key people in organizations, either at an individual level or for the management team. Read more


Brainy produces workshops that deep dive into a particular topic. Aside from the standard workshop series, we can tailor workshops to the specific needs of our clients. Read more


Experienced public speakers are available to deliver talks on a wide array of topics related to things like neuroscience, flow states, how to manage distractions and build focus. Read more