Tools For Self-Leadership 

The purpose of the program is to impart scientifically valid knowledge about key aspects of how the human mind works, and a set of practical tools that help individuals, teams or organisations function in a way that promotes sustainable productivity.

After completing the course, participants will be familiar with key concepts from psychology and neuroscience and their application in working life. They will also have developed new skills to form habits that promote healthy productivity.

Improving awareness skills and implementing healthy routines and cognitive habits has multiple effects:

  • Less adverse results from stress

  • Less sick leave

  • Improved work-life balance

  • Higher engagement and productivity

  • Higher quality work

The program consists of six modules that we cover over a period or six weeks, with daily recommended exercises in order to implement new routines and habits:

  • Neuroplasticity and our malleable mind

  • Focus and creativity

  • Using technology and media without feeding distraction

  • Wellbeing and performance: befriending stress

  • Making decisions: Biases and critical thinking

  • Healthy teams and skilled communication